Farewell to Ems after 8 years of Source

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Ems is well known to most, if not all, our suppliers and customers thanks to the amazing job she has done for Source since she walked in (one hour early for her interview) back in 2016.

Over this time, Ems quickly progressed, taking on additional responsibility thanks to her attitude, competence and customer service standards. There aren't many roles she hasn't done in this business and was happy to go out on deliveries, installs, collections from suppliers… going the extra mile is in her DNA.

Ems is a social butterfly and her penchant for a good time made her the first name on the team sheet for nights out, industry functions and Source holidays, creating special memories along the way. 

Customer Service Champion

Looking after our Large Key Accounts, we would always get resoundingly glowing feedback about her levels of service for which we are very grateful. Knowing your customers are in good hands and being looked after well is a satisfying place to be for any business. Ems had the trust of her colleagues and customers in equal measure.

Media Director, Copywriter, Editor…

Ollie's videos would be twice as long, badly lit, shaky footage and off-topic were it not for Ems support with video content. Ems would critique the idea and the edit to make them somewhat digestible to our audience. No coincidence that content has fallen off a cliff lately… 

Charity Achievements

Ems is great at saying ‘yes’ to a good challenge and, along with Nyree, was the brainchild behind the Source Marathon Canal Trek which was completed through the night on an annual basis. Ems also completed a 100km non-stop trek around the Isle of Wight for charity which she completed emphatically.

Pastures New

Having just turned 30 and with a travel scratch to itch, Ems decided it was time to see another part of the world and headed off to Australia earlier this month, landing first in Sydney. 

We will miss her big personality and super quick, reliable and efficient work but we're super excited to see Ems experience the world and for the world to experience Ems!

Thanks for all your commitment and hard work over the years, Ems. Keep us updated on your travels so we can live out some of our dreams through you!

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