Purehold PUSH Plate Starter Kit

Using silver technology, the coating combats pathogens deposited onto the surface by users and then works continuously, 24/7.

Aimed at reducing cross-contamination from one user to the next, the Purehold PUSH plate is easily installed in under 30 seconds.

Installation Video


Specification 1 x PUSH Plate
1 x Bracket & Fixings

Magnetically secured to back plate - and can be changed effortlessly without tools.

Proven in the field to be 96.4% cleaner than standard door surfaces.

Can help improve hygiene and reduce costly staff sickness & disruption - The annual cost of a Purehold PUSH is less than the cost of even a single days' basic salary at the Minimum Wage Rate

Shelf life of 12 months, with time strip indicator to prompt replacement when needed

Extremely robust and sturdy, with no maintenance required

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