V-Air Dispenser


Dispenser only available in white plastic Optional fan module Includes fixing screws
Specification Dimensions: 182mm(h) x 72mm(w) x 70mm(d)

V-Air® uses advanced wick based technology to deliver an exciting range of unique fragrances to a variety of locations.

Unlike some gel systems, which can lose their fragrance once the lid is taken off, the V-Air® system uses an interlocking wick derived of hydrophilic porous material, which aids the quick absorption of the fragrance.

Once absorbed, the capillary action or ‘wicking’ inside the V-Air® dispenser drives the fragrance up through the wick and diffuses a continuous and controlled fragrance around the location in which it is placed.

There is an optional programmable fan unit available to assist with air flow and dispersal of the fragrance. It is easy to fit inside the V-Air® system even when
already mounted on a wall.

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