Polish on varnished wood?

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We recently had a question that needed some expertise answers from our friends at the Selden laboratory.

A college we supply had been refurbished and the decorator had sanded back some wood and applied a fresh coat of varnish.

The advice was to avoid using a traditional furniture polish. 


A solvent based product, like most furniture polishes, can soften the varnish and potentially cause a bubbling effect.

The solution?

To swerve this issue, Selden recommend that a water based chemical is used. 


Selden's Glaze VDU and Glass Cleaner is the ideal product for the job and will offer a fantastic shine without compromising the varnish.

Glaze Glass & VDU Cleaner Trigger Spray

Simply spray once into a microfibre cloth and wipe. If you need to, flip the cloth to the dry side to remove and excess chemical.

Did you learn something? We did!

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