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Over recent months we’ve been on hand to offer products, services and consultation on a wide range of needs at the new flagship exhibition centre in Farnborough.


Whilst the site prepares for its main event in July, the largest temporary exhibition in the world, Farnborough Airshow will utilise every one of its 20,000 square metres of space in the new permanent structure. 


Away from the Air Show, the centre will host exhibitions of all kinds throughout the year and already has a long list of bookings.


Source have been on hand to help roll out washrooms installations, train cleaning teams, provide equipment and help with the handover from construction contractor to client.

Floor Maintenance

One of the key projects for the Cleaning Team is the upkeep of the floors so we enlisted the help of our friends at Twister to ensure the best solution.


At the Exhibition Centre, the two main types of hard flooring are both concrete - and a lot of it!


The main hall is a powered concrete floor that went through a 3 pad process;

Step 1

Red Pad (prepare the floor)

Step 2

White Pad (deep clean)

Step 3 

Green Pad (finish to a high shine)


With the client’s commitment to minimising environmental impact, coupled with the need for wow factor floors, it was obvious for us to suggest using Twister Floor Pads for floor cleaning and maintenance. 

Would you like to see the benefits of using Twister Pads? 

If so, take the Source Twister Challenge!

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