Airsteril Facts

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We often get asked how Airsteril units work. To be honest, we don’t know the true science behind it either, until now!


Firstly, here is a technology overview with a breakdown of terms that should answer any questions.


Airsteril units use Germicidal UV-C lamps (254nm and 185nm wavebands) with Titanium dioxide coated catalyst PCO plates to provide a combination of odour and bacteria reducing technology as detailed.

The units use Ozone as part of the technology but at much lower levels than traditional Ozone generators.

Ozone levels used in Airsteril units are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations in every country in the world.

In fact, after a thunderstorm, nature will produce more ozone than an Airsteril unit.

There is no separate ionizer, however the air is negatively charged by the UV light to produce negative ions which work to reduce the airborne debris 24/7.

Don’t forget that all Airsteril units have a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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