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One of our suppliers, Winterhalter UK, are specialists in commercial dishwasher systems and machinery. With recent changes to government pledges, they wanted to send a message out to Catering Managers across the education sector and beyond.

Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter UK, thinks developments in the education sector could open the door to significant volumes of business for the warewashing sector in 2014.

He explains: “The upcoming pledge by the government that from September 2014 all children in reception, year-one and year-two in state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals will put pressure on school catering operations to up their output and we anticipate this will have a knock-on effect for equipment manufacturers, including those of warewashers. In other sectors there is evidence of an increase in new openings of restaurants and bars, so the ware washing sector is optimistic for sales in 2014.”

Energy Saving

Winterhalter’s Crowley predicts that energy saving will remain the hot topic this year, especially as utility prices continue to escalate. Either way, it is a matter for the R&D experts.

PT Pass-through by Winterhalter

PT Pass-through by Winterhalter

“The challenge will be to produce machines that save energy while still achieving top quality and hygienic results. Our new PT pass-through dishwasher is the first warewasher on the market to be fitted with energy-saving heat exchange technology as standard. By capturing waste heat generated during the washing process, and recycling it to heat up the fresh water feed, it can save up to 10% in energy costs.”

If you or any of your colleagues would like more information or a demonstration of any of the Winterhalter products, please contact us and we can arrange it straight away


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