Window cleaner happiness

We embrace any feedback from our customers because it’s valuable to us. However, we always get a bit sad when we have some negative feedback on one our products. Thankfully this isn’t too often.

So what’s the issue?

I’ve had a few reported incidents with our window cleaner; apparently it sometime leaves the odd streak.

How can it be solved?

Firstly, rest assured. The product works. Selden have spent loads of cash developing a chemical that produces good results and it’s one of the most popular items they manufacture. Secondly, the key, as with any chemical, is the application. Follow these steps for a guaranteed streak-free and gleaming mirror or glass pane;

1.  Fold a clean cloth in half or quarters (microfibre or glass cloths are probably your best bet)

2. Spray just once or twice onto the cloth, not the surface. 2 common mistakes right there;

  • People often spray too much, thinking more is better. It’s not. It just creates more work for you.
  • Some people spray directly onto the mirror or glass pane. Spray onto the cloth.

3. Wipe the surface vertically and then horizontally

4. Flip the cloth over and using the dry side, buff the surface in the same way you cleaned it

5. Voila!

*Top tip

If the side of the cloth you’ve used to clean the window is really damp after use, you’ve probably used too much.

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