Using Lemon Jell to clean your floors?

Lemon Jell has been around for a long time which often means it’s one of those products that cleaners know, love and trust.

Lemon Jell B06

Lemon Jell B06

However it could also fall into another category; the category for products that are popular because of their fruity fragrance and not entirely for their cleaning ability.

Lemon Jell (or Pine Jell if you prefer that variety) is a good all round floor cleaner that goes along way (dilution for damp mopping is 1:100) and is really safe to use on a whole host of floors including;

  • linoleum
  • PVC
  • rubber
  • sealed cork and wood
  • terrazzo and thermoplastic floors
  • (but avoid using  on unsealed wood and cork)

However, in my opinion, Lemon Jell hasn’t really moved with the times and there are other products out there that will do a better job on the majority of tasks that Lemon Jell is being used for.

What is it really missing is a bit more cleaning agent. A bit of oomph in the detergent department to really help the cleaners out when lifting soil from floors.

Two products that fit the bill and retain the same zesty citrus punch are C54 and F10L;

C54 Sabre – This is a very similar composition to Flash and is a concentrate that has more cleaning power than Lemon Jell but still leaves behind a smell that is reminiscent of a lemon crop in southern Spain. Its low foaming and dilutes roughly 1:40.

F10L Multipurpose Cleaner Lemon – Cousin of the hugely popular F10 (which has a Pine Fresh fragrance), this is even more concentrated than Sabre therefore goes further too; dilute 1:100, just like Lemon Jell. Will cut through grease and dirt much better than our good old LJ.

With all three hitting a very similar price point, this is a no-brainer. Don’t get me wrong, we have nothing against Lemon Jell but a simple switch could mean cleaner floors with time and effort.

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