Top 5 things a Facilities Manager looks for

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I went to the big wide world of social media in a bid to understand what decision makers in Facilities Management look for when choosing a commercial cleaning partner.

Below are answers from a wide variety of industry professionals who replied to my question that was put out to FM groups on LinkedIn and the wider global audience of Twitter.

Hi Ollie, great question! I’d suggest the following;

  1. Shared values and ethics
  2. Innovative solutions
  3. Great people
  4. Green productsand supply chain
  5. Price

Posted by FMCoach Liz Kentish 

Top 5 things:

  1. Resources
  2. Experience
  3. Reputation
  4. Price
  5. Management

Posted by Tony Grima

I’m not a Facilities Manager am however owner of a cleaning company. From our side and I think a lot of this applies to FM the following are what I would consider important when quoting.

  1. Exact specification/schedule of work to be carried out
  2. Proven ability that the cleaner can carry out the task (I look for this when using sub-contractors)
  3. Adequate insurance cover
  4. Cost for FM and for me, how reliable is the client when it comes to paying
  5. Are we going to be able to work together?

You will notice that I don’t mention references – somone with decades in the business possibly at senior management starting out won’t have references but may be a lot better at the job than the guy with dozens of references yet only 3 years experience
Posted by Stephen Tracey

Price is everything – but they may say that in the first instance then if the service is bad which is often the case with cheap cheap – then the client often wishes they had paid that extra 10%. You can never please them all but our commitment to price with service is our core value.
Posted by Julie Anderson

I can come up with five reasons myself but when it comes to dealing with the owners of the properties only one reason is needed and that’s PRICE.
Posted by David Larson

Basically best things are free so it is not unusual for the client to ask for the cheapest (good that they don’t ask for it free 😉 but you’ll only win the case if the client feels you are ‘risk free” meaning free from failure to carry out the work.. Everything else becomes an accessory!
Posted by Hal-Luke Savas MBA FCIM MBIFM ICIOB aff.CIBSE

  1. Previous performance
  2. Ability to troubleshoot
  3. Can they add value to the organisation rather than just supply manpower?
  4. Price
  5. Ability to stand and deliver without supervision

Posted by Ravinder Dhiman

  1. Reputation
  2. Value for money
  3. Training of staff
  4. Reliability
  5. Service

Posted by Joan Dallibar MBIFM

Get your money’s worth. All good cleaning firms are worth their weight in gold.
Posted by Maggie Adams, CFM

Price is very important, but without the other relevant due diligence throughout the tendering process you could be changing the cleaning contractor every few months. The 5 top areas of concern are;

  1. Reputation
  2. Experience with the relevant type of areas to be cleaned
  3. Flexibility and knowledge of cleaning techniques
  4. Management function and structure of contractor
  5. Price – how transparent are the costs?

The last thing which maybe a thought is to know the budget that you will be working with prior to the tendering process so that you can give the contractor not only clear direction on the service requirements but also the limitations so that the Contractor can price accordingly.
Posted by Colin Sandler

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