Tip for stripping and sealing a floor

Here’s a quick tip when you next strip and polish a floor

When you have finished stripping the floor and have removed the amount of polish you want, you’re nearly ready to apply the new polish.

Before you whack down the new polish, try this;

Using a new clean mop, wash the floor with some warm water with a few splashes of vinegar.


The vinegar helps neutralize the surface and remove any left of residue from the stripper and old polish. Plus, it will enable the new polish to ‘take’.

Gymnasium Floor


It may sounds obvious but when stripping and sealing a floor, it’s important to use matching brands for both the stripper and polish (and ideally, the maintainer too).

The chemists who design the products ensure that the two products marry well and by mixing brands, you’ll not give the floor much of chance to last long and be hard wearing with deep shine.



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