Some thoughts on air dryers

Air Hand Dryers

During one of my school visits, I was asked about the subject of air hand dryers.

The usual paper v air dryer points were discussed, as you can read from a previous blog of mine.

However, there was some other issues that were evident in this school that I hadn’t talked about previously.

Blocked Toilets & Sinks

With no effective hand drying system (paper or air), people are tempted to go back into the cubicle and pull off metres and metres of toilet paper to dry their hands.

This ball of soggy toilet roll either ends up in the toilet, or in more mischievous environments, in the sink (with the taps running just for fun). Worse still, it may be launched at the ceiling to see if sticks. Ring any bells?

Katrin Basic System Toilet Roll (Left), unbranded mini jumbo (right)

Katrin Basic System Toilet Roll (Left), unbranded mini jumbo (right)

Unblocking drains is expensive and time consuming, as you know. Flooding sinks is also a massive pain in the backside.

Katrin products are tested to ensure that they break up quickly and that their mass when screwed up into a ball (or in a plug) is smaller than other brands of toilet tissue. The Katrin System 920 sheet is performing really well in one of our large schools compared to the previous system.

Using toilet roll to dry hands results in this

Using toilet roll to dry hands results in this

False Economy

Removing paper hand drying products can not be as hygienic or as cost effective as the alternative. Decision makers sometimes have had bad experiences with a poorly designed paper towels and dispensers which leads them down the air drying route.


If there are average hand dryers installed, the job won’t be effective and people will still shake their dripping hands onto the floor (or the water being pushed off the hands is transferring it down the wall or onto the floor). This causes scale to build up and creates a slip hazard too.


If your toilet roll is being misused, how much is being wasted and how much money could you save if you avoided this waste?


Without going over old ground again with the paper v air debate, it might be worth asking us for some suggestions if you are in two minds about the quality of hygiene and safety in your washrooms.

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