The New Katrin System Towel Dispenser

Katrin Photoshoot

Katrin Photoshoot


The New Katrin System Towel Dispenser

We loved the functionality of the predecessor to this fantastic new model but it lacked a certain aesthetic attraction. It wasn’t as big as it looked, smaller than a centrefeed dispenser in fact, but a still performed brilliantly. Hence, 100’s and 100’s have been installed by Source over recent years.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Source we only too happy to consult and provide feedback on prototypes in the design phase earlier in the year. Katrin have addressed the style of the new dispensers and have successfully achieved a blend of performance and sleek design.


White Katrina System Roll Towel

White Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser. Also available in black.

Katrin have changed the winding mechanism from the old stock with a push button feature. It only needs to be used when loading as after each dispense, another sheet is self-presented.

Huge Capacity, Less Work

Whether you go for the top end Plus grade Katrin 460058 (425 sheets), the Classic Katrin 460102 (680 sheets) or the 1 ply Katrin 460218 (850 sheets), this dispenser enables your washroom to have high capacity stock without compromising on style.

Folded Towels or Roll Towel?

When doing site visits to assess which Katrin hand drying option works best, we would sometimes opt for the folded towel option as the system roll towel was slightly too cumbersome for smaller washrooms.

However, with this new smaller dispenser, there will be a much higher ratio of these being the preferred choice.

Get Yours

Keen to update your washroom and get a more efficient product? Call us ASAP as these are flying off the shelf!


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