The New Katrin System Toilet Dispenser

The New Katrin System Toilet Dispenser

It feels like a long time coming but it’s here! Katrin were innovators of the two toilet roll system back in the day with the ‘Corematic’ range. As pioneers of high capacity dispensers, this is their latest instalment to hit our shelves and we LOVE it!

Katrin Toilet Roll Dispenser

Simple and sleek on the outside, clever and functional on the inside.


One of the best features of its predecessor was the little screw inside the dispenser that could be turned to increase resistance on the toilet roll, cleverly reducing consumption.

This design has evolved and is now in the form of a wheel. Its much more accessible now and quicker to adjust. So if your mischievous students need a bit of toilet roll discipline then this can provide it.

High Capacity

There are fewer options on the market that offer such quality length from their toilet rolls. Some product profess to be longer but the standard of paper is thinner and all together a false economy.

Katrin Classic 156005 – 800 sheets of 2 ply virgin grade tissue per roll

Katrin Basic 156159 – 920 sheets of 2ply recycled grade tissue per roll


Restocking is dead easy and quick. One roll sits on top of the other and when the one in use runs out, the new one drops down to replace it.

Style & Substance

Katrin’s new range will update your washroom. With the choice of black or white, the range is modern, functional and offers you a chance to upgrade your washroom in more ways than one.

Learn more about the range with these brilliant images and videos.


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