The latest in non-aerosol air freshening technology

Vectair Systems' V-Air Non-Aerosol Air Freshener

Vectair Systems’ V-Air Non-Aerosol Air Freshener

So you’re looking for an air freshener system that is non-aerosol. Apart from a gel air freshener plonked on the window sill, what are your options?

Let me Introduce the Vectair V-Air

Self proclaimed as ‘innovators in hygiene’ Vectair Systems are living up to their billing.

Using wick based technology, the V-Air system is a wick with loads of tiny capillaries (or scientifically known as hydrophilic porous material), which releases the fragrance into the atmosphere when the unit is exposed to air flow (E.G. a cubicle or washroom door opening and closing).

A V-Air cartridge that houses the innovative fragrance wick

A V-Air cartridge that houses the innovative fragrance wick

What are the benefits?

  • Long lasting refills (60 days) (packs of 6)
  • Environmentally friendly – no harmful propellants and is recyclable
  • Optional fan attachment – increases fragrance intensity for washrooms with an extra hum.
  • Key locked – no pilfering or vandalising
  • No hidden costs – free from electronic parts (no batteries!)
  • Quite, compact and discreet


We think that these can be fitted to any environment, especially with the optional fan attachment for areas with limited airflow.

However, we envisage these being very popular in washrooms with floor-to-ceiling partitioned cubicles whereby each cubicle would have its own V-Air dispenser.

Remember, these are activated with air flow (door opening and closing) so it will dispenser before and after they have used the facilities.

Fragrances (in their words, not ours!)

      CHERRY (Red) – Strong sweet fruity fragrance with hints of red and black cherries.
      CITRUS (Yellow) – Colourful summer citrus blend with fruity notes of orange and mint.
      LEMON/LIME (Green) – Subtle and light refreshing scent with a hint of lemon freshnessand mint.
      ICE COOL (White) – A blend of wild mint and a hint of jasmine fuse to create a cool, refreshing fragrance with clean, crisp notes.
      SUMMER RAIN (Grey) – A clean, fresh harmony of English garden fragrances from Kent: Fuchsias, white lilies, hollyhock, petunias and carnations all abound in this subtle blend.
      TOUJOURS (Purple) – Lotus, violet and freesia combined with vanilla, heliotrope and a mix of spices blended to produce a subtle yet highly recognisable mixture.
      LINEN (Blue) – Evokes the smell of freshly laundered clothes. A clean, fresh fragrance.

If you’re interested, just give us a call and we can give you a quote and arrange to show you one in action or set up a trial.

For more information, please see the link below.

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