The importance of pelican pumps

Pelican Pumps

What is it? A pelican pump is the tool you need to accurately dispense a specific dose of chemical into a bucket or bottle.

Pelican Pump for 5 litre bottle

Why do you need one?

To ensure you are consistently using the chemical to it’s maximum effect in the safest possible way. Without one, you’re probably just guessing by adding a ‘cap full’ or a ‘glug’ therefore using too much or too little chemical, both with pretty bad consequences;

Too much;

More is not better when it comes to cleaning chemicals. Excessive chemical creates more work for the cleaner and has safety, economic and aesthetic implications too;

  • A residue will be left behind on the floors after mopping with too much chemical
  • These residues can be slips hazards if liquid is split on them
  • Longer time spent on the area trying to rectify and ‘use up’ the excess chemical
  • Higher volume of use which results in buying more chemicals more frequently

Too little;

It’s not often we find cleaners not using enough chemical but there are  several reasons why not using a large enough dose can be a bad thing;

  • Quite simply, the chemical will under perform. Specific doses are prescribes for specific volumes of water. These need to be followed in order to help the cleaner get a great result
  • A surface may lack the protection that a floor chemical provides and thus a lack of chemical can create long term damage to the surface
  • It’s going to get dirty quicker and look bad. This only means more cleaning and more expense.

Follow the manufacturers guidelines

Ensure that the recommended dose is followed for the task in hand. Take the time to read the label and the results will be better, longer lasting and will take less time.

Example of dilution advice on Selden 5 litre chemical bottle

Ready to save time, effort and money whilst getting better results? Call us today and we can get some out to you with your next order.

*Our Pelican Pumps are approximately 25ml so you’ll need just one pump into a 5 litre bucket of the example above; F10 Multi-purpose Cleaner.

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