The Hand Towel Dispenser Edition

The Hand Towel Dispenser Edition

If you’re looking to upgrade your hand towel system then it’s worth considering the options below.

Before making your choice, here’s a few things to consider;

  • Storage of stock
  • Restocking labour and frequency
  • Ordering frequency
  • Capacity
  • ‘Cost in Use’ versus case price (be wary of false economies)
  • Free on Loan agreements or outright purchase
  • Quality of hand towel
  • Space available
  • Types of folded hand towels. Click here to learn more

All the following dispensers have full specification on the product pages of the website. Just click each category name to visit the pages where you will find;

  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Related hand towels

All dispensers are available to purchase outright or with a free on loan agreement.

Folded Hand Towels

Folded hand towels are the traditional choice but are often problematic.


Because the pairing of the towel and dispenser is often wrong, resulting in poor dispensing of the towels. The consequences are; waste, mess and cost.


  • Ensure you have the correct fold for the dispenser
  • Our rule of thumb is this; do NOT use C-Fold hand towels in a dispenser
  • Use a Z Fold or I Fold instead to ensure single sheet dispensing
  • C Folds are ideal for hand towels that are not in dispensers eg. in a basket on a counter top
  • The Katrin Easy Flush hand towels are great for avoiding blockages



Katrin (new range coming soon. We trialed the prototypes and they are AMAZING)


Stainless Steel


System Roll Towels

These are a great option and we endorse this choice very often when customers come to us looking at hand drying solutions.


They are great value (remember; look at the cost in use not just the case price) and offer extra benefits that folded towels can’t;

  • Much higher capacity
  • Much less stocking labour required
  • Less frequent ordering
  • Less stock to store
  • Fewer bins getting filled with paper towels
  • Harder to abuse (people taking loads of towels)
  • Great wet strength
  • Often more cost effective

Katrin (Again, the prototypes are brilliant – a marked improvement aesthetically)



Contact us if you’d like to discuss your options and get some pricing. We’d also be only too happy to set you up with a trial before you make your decision to see how they perform at your site.

01276 676006

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