Perform regular light cleaning without a mop

Rapid Mop makes easy work of high-traffic foyer at Classic House, London

Rapid Mop makes easy work of high-traffic foyer at Classic House, London

The Rapid Mop

Our industry seems to have new products frequently coming to market yet so many fail to catch on. May be the cleaning trade is dominated by traditionalists who prefer old school methods and see innovation as hype.

We at Source, however, love a bit of technology. OK, it’s not reinventing the wheel but I think that’s good; too revolutionary and people won’t take the risk.

What is it?

It’s a flat mop with a reservoir in a handle. Simple.

Flat mopping is the way forward for lightly soiled areas that need daily cleans. Think corridors in;

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Surgeries
  • Leisure Centres
  • Hospitals

You can fill the handle (480ml) with water or add a chemical solution depending on the job and fit colour-coded rings to the handle to help assign to specific areas/jobs. Just press the button on top of the handle and 3 jets will spring into action.

Rapid Mop has a reservoir in the pole itself

Rapid Mop has a reservoir in the pole itself

Add chemical or just water to the pole

Add chemical or just water to the pole

Why use it?

Bridge a gap

Because it meets a need to clean effectively without the rigmarole of using a bucket, wringer and heavy mop (and the risk assessments) yet is the step above just dust control.

Be Safer

Also, it’s safer. Less water means less slippery surfaces and you can keep your wet floor sign in the cupboard as it will dry pretty much instantly.

Save Money

You can launder the Velcro mop head time and time again without the wear and tear that a twine mop will have. Also, it’s quicker so will take less time by the user.

Disposable microfibre sheets are also available. These come in packs of 50.

Save Time

Dust mopping is quicker than wet mopping, agreed? This is dust mopping, just with an injection of water that won’t slow you down.


This piece of kit won’t replace many cleaning schedules and techniques. It’s for those areas where light duty cleaning can be safely installed and there’s a place for that in pretty much every building.

Rapid Mop

What our customers say;

‘Ollie told me that he had the perfect tool for my requirements and he was right. I have a very busy office entrance that has white tile flooring. In the rain and snow, the floor gets covered in dirty water and puddles from peoples shoes, bags, umbrellas etc.

No amount of entrance matting can solve the issue, plus it looks untidy. The Rapid Mop is a simple yet really effective solution. It is quick and easy to use and keeps my building looking tip top.’

Building Manager, Classic House, City of London

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