The answer to smelly urinals?


ACT Apple Daily Urinal CleanerYour secret weapon

Have you got any water-saving urinals or toilets onsite? If so, you might find them a bit stinky. Alas, we might have found you a fix.

Selden have tweeked their excellent ACT Original formula to specifically help break down the uric acid crystals that are causing the odours and possible blockages.

Here comes the science bit (sorry if you’re eating your lunch);

Due to the lack of a flushing mechanism in water-saving urinals, the acid in the urine that has not be washed away begins to crystalise. As you can image, (and probably testify) they begin to smell unless broken down.

Here’s was Act Apple can do for you;

  • Reodourise stale toilet smells
  • Keeps water-saving urinals and toilets free from uric crystals
  • Prevents blocking
  • Suitable for daily use on stainless steel, chrome and enamel
  • Septic tank and reed bed safe

Other uses;

Just like ACT Original, it can be used to clean toilets that are not in need of constant descaling (we’d recommend that you use ACT, Dymajet or React for this). The sweet apple perfume leaves a really pleasant smell too.

It comes in 1 litre bottles with an angled head and is the same price as your ACT Original 1 litre.

Problem more serious? Are the urinals chronically smelly? Try this;

Selclen S is high PH and alkaline based so if you poor it neat down the urinals it will knock out any smells and blast the uric crystal.

To deep clean the urinal surfaces, try T32 Bio Freshener. It’s enzyme formula works against the urine and wipes out all bacteria on the surface.



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