The All New Sterillo Hand Dryer

We have just been introduced to this brand new top of the range hand Dryer. Take a look at the official information…

The Sterillo is the most hygienic hand dryer that is available on the market today and the number one at eliminating unpleasant odours from your washrooms.

Combining the latest eco-friendly hand drying technology from one of Europe’s best selling hand dryers with the latest in modern, cutting-edge technology from AirSteril, we have a hand dryer that not only dries hand super fast but also cleans the air, kills smells and sanitises surfaces. The excellent odour elimination properties of the unit provides you with an odour free washroom.


This is not a gimmick – the Sterillo, apart from being an excellent hand dryer, actually destroys the bacteria, mould and virus’s that contaminate us, spread disease and cause odours.

Our mission was to kill disease and bugs, and as a direct result of our success, we eliminated washroom odours too.

The Sterillo really is the ultimate solution to washroom needs that you, your staff and your customers have been waiting for.

Check out the video and see it in action!


We are going to trial this out at Source and will feedback with information. Watch this space!

Click here. to go to our product page on the website to order yours now.

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