Terra Vac Rubbish Collection Machine

Terra VacsTerra Vac Commercial Suction Machines

We have recently developed a partnership with Terra-Vac, a market leader in large scale suction machines.

Initially designed for paddock and stable cleaning at professional race courses, the design has been adapted over the years to suit many different types of commercial clean-up operations.

Terra-Vac Commercial Range

If you are hosting or managing a large event then one of these machines would be an extremely beneficial and cost-effective option for waste collection.

They are essentially a super-powerful vacuum with a hose or ‘ground scoop‘ and a container to house all that is collected (which is sucked in and condensed into much smaller volume). The machine is pulled behind a towing vehicle, be it a quad, tractor, van etc.

The Range

There is a wide range of machines available ‘off-the-shelf’ to buy or hire but Terra-Vac will also build something bespoke to suit your needs.

Terra Vac Demo 1


These machines impress within a few seconds of turning them on. They are really easy to operate and collect refuse with ease and speed. If you think you might benefit from one of these, please ask us for a demo and a price list.

Some things to consider

  • Does the hire or purchase costs outweigh the cost of manual litter picking labour?
  • Would this enable areas to be clean in a quicker time?
  • Would you have somewhere to tip the waste once it’s collected?
  • What would tow the machine?
  • Will this save you money on litter picking materials?

We love these machines but we know it’s a niche requirement. Our job is to just let you know they exist in case they could be of use to you in the future. To see one in the flesh, just give us a call. 01252 877200.

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