Teaming up with floor restoration specialists

Remember that tired, old, brown, dusty school hall you used as a kid for indoor PE classes, lunchtime play areas (AKA table tennis arena at my secondary school), assemblies, parents evenings etc etc? Well I see these a lot when visiting the schools and colleges we either supply or are speaking to. As you can appreciate these surfaces get absolutely hammered!

Some of the time our chemicals and the school cleaning team can do a great job of maintaining it and breathing new life into it. However, in some cases the floor is too tired and needs specialist help. It made sense for us to team up with an old football teammate of mine who runs his own floor restoration business and put him in touch with the schools that need some serious TLC on their wood floors.

Craig and his team have been responsible for restoring some delicate listed properties and the reputation of Restore My Floor has enabled them to work with the precious floors at both Winchester and Portsmouth cathedrals. We’re looking forward to seeing the results and will post the before and after photos on this blog. To see some of their work, just click here.

You can follow Craig on Twitter @RestoreMyFloor

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