Team Source Canal Marathon Trek

Team Source Canal Marathon Trek

Stu, Nyree and Emily braved the torrential rain and pitch black darkness to trek over 27 miles from Hampton Court to Source HQ.

In the days leading up to the trek, the rain has been relentless. The towpath along the Thames and the Basingstoke Canal has been all but flooded and the team spent much of the distance dodging puddles and navigating their way with head torches.

The trio trekked along narrow towpaths throughout the night in pouring rain!

Kicking off at 2230 at the Hampton Court gates, the team made good time in getting to the first pit stop in Woking five hours later at 0300. Refuelled with hot drinks and sandwiches, the 3 swapped out their soggy clothes for fresh kit and continued on as the daylight began to break.

Emily, Nyree and Stuart over half way at daybreak.


The rain let up for an hour or so but it was a short lived break as the heavens opened again until the finish line.


Each member of Team Source is encouraged to do a challenge for our affiliated charity, O2e, at least once per year. Nyree, a veteran of the insane London to Brighton 100km race, suggested a marathon trek to which Stu replied ‘Easy! It’s only walking!’

Stu was in dreamland,


Home and dry! 28.5 miles miles completed and a lot of money raised!

The challenge was on. Emily was up for it too and along with Stuart, achieved their marathon distance wings. Stu even manged to do the whole thing in his favourite pair of Reebok Classics. The blisters are not even worth thinking about…


All three have been extremely determined in their fundraising efforts and have helped generate over £1,500 in just a few weeks. Their target is £1,750 and the page is still open.

Please chuck a few quid onto their page. They really have gone from Ordinary to extraordinary.

Here’s what Stu had to say about their brilliant challenge;

‘It was mentally and physically tough challenge – much more than I thought it would be. I’m really pleased i did it and enjoyed the company of the girls very much, we had a good laugh and helped each other when we had some low moments. I’d do it again, or another challenge, and try and get a PB!’



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