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Killing Norovirus

Selden have outdone themselves. Norovirus now has a Kryptonite in the form of Selgiene Extreme. If you clean nursing homes, hospitals, surgeries, schools or nurseries then this should be top of your Christmas list.


Selden Research acquires Jeyes Professional

Takeover Selden Research, our preferred cleaning chemical supplier, have acquired Jeyes Professional for an undisclosed sum. What does this mean for our customers? Well, the brands that Jeyes have created for national domestic markets will now be available at commercial level, adding to the already extensive range of chemicals Selden produces. Jeyes Fluid, Parazone, Bloo […]


Window cleaner happiness

We embrace any feedback from our customers because it’s valuable to us. However, we always get a bit sad when we have some negative feedback on one our products. Thankfully this isn’t too often. So what’s the issue? I’ve had a few reported incidents with our window cleaner; apparently it sometime leaves the odd streak. […]