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Cleaning equipment manufacturers, Scot Young Research, are doing the rounds visiting our customers who want to be brought into the ‘new age’ of cleaning.

Techniques and product innovation is traditionally slow in this industry but there are still new tools for specific jobs.

Case Study

We visited one of our schools customers to see if there were any traditional methods that could be updated in order to improve the quality of cleaning and save time in the process.

Matt from SYR explains the benefits of flat mopping to Paul

Matt from SYR explains the benefits of flat mopping to Paul

  • Floor types; wooden halls and corridors, non-slip safety floors
  • Existing systems; looped socket mop heads and kentucky 16oz mop heads
  • Proposed systems; flat mop, dry mop, Rapid Mop, deck scrubber, edging tool, squeegee

The Handle

The Demo

Matt from SYR showed our customer, Paul, the flat mopping system that would replace the socket mops in the large hall area. He also showed the versatility of a flat mop which includes skirting boards, walls, signage, canopies and of course, floors.

3 Phases of Mopping

Flat Mopping Technique

Skirting Board Cleaning

Wall Cleaning

Non-slip ‘Altro’ Floors 

As seen in washrooms, art rooms, kitchens and corridors, these floors are a nightmare to keep clean BUT, you can kind of get away with it as they are so good at HIDING the dirt.

They also have a two fantastic edging tools. One is curved for those Altro floors that fix to the top of skirting board, creating an awkward curve that is tricky to clean.

SYR Curved Altro Floor Tool

SYR Curved Altro Floor Tool

SYR Edging Tool

SYR Edging Tool

An astonishing demo by Matt showed how a clean looking new non-slip floor was actually full of dirt and germs.

SYR Deck Scrubber

SYR Squeegee

SYR Drying Mop

This result was with just water, deck scrubber and squeegee.


Having access to a laundry dictates which mopping solutions to go for. Most modern mops from SYR can be laundered up to 500 times.

The Results

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  1. A more time efficient schedule
  2. More versatile cleaning equipment
  3. Better cleaning results (in less time)
  4. Cost saving

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