SYR Powr-Mop Lite

SYR Powr-Mop Lite

This product is so box fresh that we’ve only just got hold of our demo unit.

After one demo at a school during the prototype phase, we sold it there and then. It’s a fabulous bit of kit.


  • The flat mop frame is similar to the usual Flat Mop from SYR. The Powr Mop uses vibrations to help the mop penetrate hard surfaces and get a thorough clean with minimal effort
  • Using the ScrubClean Bucket, the flat mop is then wringed out in the mechanical wringer, which does an amazing job of cleaning the mop so it’s ready to go again
  • Floor chemicals are redundant with this mop. In fact, it’s great practice to mop with just water periodically so the excess layers of chemical that have built up can be cleaned off. this product is a total winner

Look out for further updates via this blog and emails for pricing and demo slots.

Check out the Powr Mop on our website.

SYR Powr Mop Lite

This strip was achieved with just water on the pad on the amazing SYR Powr Mop Lite

SYR Powr Mop

Altro floor cleaned better than ever thanks to the vibrations from the Powr Mop.

SYR Powr mop in changing rooms

Powr Mop attacks a high traffic changing room floor at a large independent school.

SYR powr Mop cleans school kitchn

Powr Mop cuts through greasy non-slip surface in a busy school kitchen.

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