Swimming Pool Chemicals

We’ve found a chemical manufacturer who can supply us with Swimming Pool chemicals and testing kits etc.

Schools and leisure facilities have come to us asking if we do it so we’ve done some research and come up with the following;


Product Quantity Price
Sodium Hypochlorite 15% 20 litre £10.43
Sodium Bisulphate 2 x 7kg £12.36
PAC 25 litre £17.43
DPD 1/3/Phenol Red (comparator) 250 Tablets £11.00
DPD 1/3/Phenol Red (photometer) 250 Tablets £11.50


There is a minimum order value (£100.00) and a carriage fee (£15.00) which is very ‘unSource’ but as there are regulations in transporting these chemicals, deliveries are done by the manufacturer direct from the factory to you.

Deliveries are despatched within a couple of days of order.

If you need any more prices on swimming pool chemical products, please just let us know.


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