Stoptober – supporting our smokers to quit

We love our team and we want them to be healthy and happy. That’s why we’re encouraging Steve and Claire to kick the habit with the help of the Stoptober national campaign.

Stoptober is the brainchild of the NHS and they are looking to help smokers get the to the magic 28th day of quitting which apparently is when the habit turns a corner and the addiction is massively reduced.

Day One (in the Source Supplies house – in Geordie accent) went well yesterday, with both Claire and Steve remaining in high spirits although I think Steve doubled his daily nicotine dose with the use of the nicotine & air vapor ‘cigarette’! Claire has the freshest mouth in the south east due to the consumption of approximately 328 chewing gums, mints and lolly pops.

Keep it going guys, we’re proud of your efforts so far!

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