Stained Toilet Brushes

Fear not! Stained Toilet brushes are not what you think

Not what you think - phew!

Not what you think – phew!

Why do the brushes go brown?

Some manufacturers of toilet brushes use a material that doesn’t work well with bleach.

Crazy, really. Considering it’s primary use is to clean an area commonly associated with bleach, you would think it wouldn’t get through product testing.


Our good friends over at Scott Young Research (SYR) have a toilet brush set that won’t have this reaction. These will be our standard stock item soon.


In the meantime, stop using bleach to clean the toilet! ACT Original will clean and descale much better than bleach (bleach has no cleaning agent in it).

If you really need that sanitizing peace of mind, try dropping in a Chlorine Tablet instead.

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