Source’s Annual Summer BBQ



Source Summer BBQ

The sun came out on Wednesday for the Source Supplies annual BBQ & cake sale to raise money for local charity’s CMPP and O2e.

We saw so many faces throughout the day as customers, suppliers, neighbours and friends of Source popped in to enjoy the food and company.

Stu cooked up a delicious BBQ with plenty to choose from like; burgers, hot dogs , chicken, sausages and bacon rolls!



The Fundraising 

The day was a delight and very successful as we have beaten the previous years fundraising total. This year we raised a total of £177.60



Blue = 2015

Orange = 2016

Grey = 2017







Every penny of the money raised got split evenly between the two charity’s, CMPP and O2e.



O2e is a community of philanthropic volunteers who enjoy furthering themselves through exercise and adventure. The benefit of this is twofold; To improve their own lives and to improve the lives of children who need help due to disability or illness via fundraising!

O2e Has supported a number of charity’s and is currently supporting, CASPA, Cyclists fighting cancer, ELHAP, Freddie farmer Foundation, Sparkle and Stepping Stones DS.


The CMP Project began life in 2011 as a social enterprise,partly in response to the ‘Big Society Agenda’ alongside a strong desire to support the local community in a time of recession. To start, it comprised a small group of committed local businesses working together in a myriad of ways to make a lasting difference to the communities.

6 Years later they are still dedicated to monitoring and responding to the needs of the community whilst encouraging other similar-minded organisations to get involved, help raise money for community projects, volunteering skills, time, expertise and resource as needed. 

Now in 2017 they are expanding and are working with other local Boroughs to replicate the CMPP concept of striving towards stronger, more able communities. 


From all of the Source team, CMPP and O2e we would like to thank you for you generosity and making the day a success! We hope to see you next year!








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