Source Survey Winners

Source Survey Winners

A big thank you to all that took a few minutes to complete our Source Survey. The feedback equips us with starting points for ways in which we can improve as a business based on your customer experience.

The results were very encouraging and they are being totted up now by our Source boffins.

Lucky 4

The participants were all drawn into a hat and plucked out by 4 members of team Source. Congratulations to;

  • Sue Godwin, St Catherine’s School (Sophie draw)
  • Kellie Pennicard, YBC Cleaning (Nyree draw)
  • Brad Bosman, NuServe (Claire draw)
  • Jay Boydon, GN ReSound (Abi draw)

Source Survey Thank Yous

We hope our winners enjoy the £50 M&S voucher this Christmas!


Source are always striving for better so please don’t feel that you need to wait until we publish a survey to give us feedback. Good, bad or indifferent, it all helps us provide a better and evolving service to you.

Take the Source Survey or just send us an email.


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