50 Sheets of Grey – toilet paper tales

320 sheet comparison.


Sorry, no tales from Christian here, but hopefully an eye opener all the same!

Without wanting to get too geeky on the details of our products, I think it’s worth bringing this news to the attention of the commercial toilet roll procuring masses.

Quality & Price. Two things people look for when buying anything, bog roll or no bog roll. Can you have one without the other? Yes. Read on.


Jangro has several ranges of toilet paper that their members sell for roughly the same price as we sell ours (we’re usually less, for the record). We’re not saying our products are necessarily better, but from the images it is clear that our chosen brand (Esfina by Midland Paper) is ‘different’, shall we say. Observations on Jangro samples;

    Battle of the Mini Jumbos. Theirs left, ours right.

  • Greyer, more dull recycled colour
  • More coarse in texture
  • Looser packaging

What we can give you for the SAME price;

  • Pure white, virgin paper
  • Soft and durable
  • Branded, tightly vacuum packed packaging.

Packaging may not be the priority but it shows professionalism

If you’re that person who makes the decisions on what toilet paper to buy for your organisation and you’re using these products, give your customers/students/colleagues a free upgrade. It’s a no-brainer.

This basic research is part of our quest to raise the bar in the industry without the expensive price tag.

By sourcing quality products from reliable and responsible manufacturers and bringing them to market at sensible competitive prices, we believe it’s an easy choice for you to make. 01252 877200 is the number to call to get your free upgrade.

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