Source Spotlight – Ellie Mills

Q1. What is your role at Source?

 PA to Ollie 

Q2. How long have you worked at Source?

 First day!

Q3. If you could take home any product we sell, what would it be?

 Posh soap

Q4. If you could attend a dinner party with any 3 guests, who would they be?

 Tom Hardy, Ed Sheeran and Mary Berry 

Q5. And what would you cook?

 Mary is doing the cooking!

Q6. Tell us something about you that would surprise people

 Only time will tell…

Q7. Dream job?

 Working with turtles 

Q8. Favourite part of your job?


Q9. Least favourite?

 Nothing yet!

Q10. And finally, what is the best thing about working at Source?

Its a new challenge compared to previous jobs

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