Source Spotlight – Dave Piper

Q1. What is your role at Source?


Q2. How long have you worked at Source?

Since day one!

Q3. If you could take home any product we sell, what would it be?

STR009 – Softy Toilet Rolls as they are the Andrex equivalent

Q4. If you could attend a dinner party with any 3 guests, who would they be?

David Blane, Darren Brown and David Beckham

Q5. And what would you cook?

Pasta Bake

Q6. Tell us something about you that would surprise people

I can bend my tongue in half

Q7. Dream job?

Doing it now or I’d be a pro golfer

Q8. Favourite part of your job?

Dealing in every aspect of the business

Q9. Least favourite?

Reconciling the bank

Q10. And finally, what is the best thing about working at Source?

The people who we deal with on a daily basis: customers, staff and suppliers.

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