Source Plants launches with a flourish

Source Plants Installation

Source Plants launches with a flourish

We’re delighted to have kicked off our latest division, Source Plants, with a stunning installation across 8 floors of a brand new UK headquarters.

Working with our commercial cleaning customer, we offered the client a compelling design proposal and maintenance schedule, serviced by our award-winning landscaping contractors.

Using the stunning bespoke plant trays, we planted two types of Sansevieria plants that help to naturally screen and divide areas of the open plan office and break-out areas.

Maintenance schedules are professionally carried out usually every two weeks.

Maintenance schedules are professionally carried out usually every two weeks.


Why Source Plants?

Creating this service follows on from the successful roll out of Source Hygiene and in the same way provides our existing client base the opportunities to increase their offering whilst keeping the same supply chain.

What Else?

Also in the Source Plants portfolio are freshly cut flowers in endless styles and varieties.

Green Walls are the very on-trend at the moment and can be live plants or synthetic replica versions. These are a brilliant way of installing plants without taking up valuable floor space.

Christmas Trees and seasonal arrangements are offered with delivery, decoration, removal and responsible recycling and tend to get booked up by October at the latest.

Get in touch to discuss any requirements you or your clients may have. We’re really competitive and the service from our partners is up to scratch with the Source way.

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