When Source met Pacvac

When Source met Pacvac

Sometimes a great product comes along and it just fits with Source. The Pacvac came to our attention a few months back and we are now the official distributors for a very large area covering the south east and east of England.

It’s very exciting for us to be in the position of bringing such a quality product to the attention of endless industries and sectors where it can become a valuable asset in anyone’s equipment portfolio.

British Revolution

Source and 5 other regional distributors across the UK are keen to spearhead a campaign to change the way commercial vacuuming is carried out. Pacvac is a very successful and established company that was founded in Australia. Pacvac is synonymous with vacuuming in the same way that the British public often refer to using the ‘Hoover’. In Australia, South Africa and the USA, back pack vacuuming is commonplace yet in the UK we seem to be stubbornly obsessed with tub vacuums.

We’re fed up of being price matched with internet cowboys for a bang average Numatic Henry vacuum. There is no value in these machines for distributors thanks to the Numatic sales structure and for years we have been resigned to tiny margins whilst having to pay up sooner than with any other manufacturer in the industry. Yes, these are used everywhere but why? Because they always have been. Seriously, the companies that embrace this product will look down their noses at the clunky, heavy, weak and cumbersome alternative that are tub vacuums. It’s time to move on and time to do your cleaners and clients a favour.

The Favour

The favour comes in the form of a lightweight, powerful back pack vacuum cleaner that has been built with efficiency as a primary objective. I challenge anyone to give me an example where a tub vacuum would be a better option.

The benefits are extensive but here’s just a few practical reasons why it should be part of your cleaning equipment;

  • It’s light – we’ve had one for a few weeks and everyone in our office, and the customers we’ve given it to, approve of it’s weight, ergonomic fit and strap support
  • It’s affordable. £250.00 for a mains powered model is good value. You will get this investment back in spades through increased productivity
  • It’s powerful. What does this mean? Cleaner carpets and faster vacuuming
  • It solves a problem. Access to awkward places has never been easier and makes vacuuming safer, quicker and more efficient. Staircases is a shining example
  • Something for everyone. They have several in the range; mains powered (18m cable), lithium battery, wet pickup and the super lightweight version will be our most popular

We’ll be blogging about this product frequently but to help you appreciate the types of areas in which it can be of benefit, we’re currently arranging demonstrations with;

  • Bus and coach companies
  • Airlines
  • Train and Underground operators
  • Luxury boat builders
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Stadiums
  • University Halls of Residence

Oh, one more thing; if you’ve seen back pack vacuums before and have dismissed them, you’ve not seen the Pacvac. Numatic, Karcher and Nilfisk all have back pack vacuums in their range but they are a mere add-on in their range. Pacvac only make back packs and therefore all their investment in research & development goes into making the best back pack vacuum on the market.

At the time of writing, I have demonstrated 11 and sold 9. The other two are awaiting sign off.

Be an early adopter, your clients and staff will be impressed with your forward thinking.

If you’re keen to try one out and see it in the flesh, just give us a call.

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