The Source Hat Trick

The Source Hat Trick

Introducing the Source Hat Trick

We have identified three products that we feel will make an instant impact on reducing three key areas;

  1. Cost
  2. Waste
  3. Cross-infection

The Products

How – Cost

There are two ways of looking at cost;

  1. Cost per case
  2. Cost in use

Cost in use is the way forward. Cost per case is a false economy.

Katrin System Toilet Rolls and Roll Towels will be better value in the long-term. Try to look beyond the higher cost per case or even cost per metre. Less paper will be used in these systems compared to traditional dispensers like jumbo toilet rolls and centrefeed.

Katrin System Toilet Roll in silver plastic dispenser

Katrin System Toilet Roll in silver plastic dispenser

These systems will also reduce labour time in restocking, allowing your employees to be productive elsewhere.

How – Waste

Katrin System Roll Towel will reduce the amount of unused folded paper towels and/or centrefeed. We’ve all seen reams of centrefeed in the bin after someone has pulled far too much or a handful of folded paper towels that have been grabbed from the dispenser in hast.

Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser is great for reducing consumption and saving on waste.

Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser is great for reducing consumption and saving on waste.

Do you have a centrefeed dispenser that uses too much paper? Do you have some hand towel dispensers that are not dispensing one at a time?

These are easy to fix and will instantly reduce waste and save money. Call us for a quick win.

Katrin System Roll Towel is a high capacity dispenser that requires no batteries to operate and gives the user the same size sheet with every pull. No handles, levers or electronics, it’s hygienic and simple.

It will require much much less restocking than folded paper towel dispensers and the bin will fill up slower.

How – Cross-infection

Germs are so easily transported. In the air and on objects.

Most germs are not too much for our immune system to handle but there are some that come along every so often that can knock us back for a little while.

Selgiene Extreme is the best hard surface germ killer on the market, in our opinion. It nails Norovirus with one spray and wipe action.

Selgiene Extreme

You’ll be hard pushed to find any other chemical that has the 99.99% kill rate. Most that make the claim seem to be using strong oxidising agents such as bleach based products. This doesn’t. It has complex cleaning agents and bug zapping properties that make it safe but very effective.

To get your hands on any of these products featured in the Source Hat Trick, call us for your free sample or trial.

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