Source Coffee goes LIVE!

Source Coffee goes LIVE!

The excitement continues here at Source with the launch of another new division; Source Coffee.

How does it work?

We lease a wide range of coffee machines and sell the Lavazza coffee that goes with them. You can also purchase the machines outright.

Trials, installation and maintenance are all within the price of the machine lease and if anything needs some attention, we’ll make a visit as a matter of priority.

Bean to Cup Machines

‘Bean to Cup’ is a description of a type of machine that uses fresh coffee beans in a hopper, grinds them into ground coffee on demand and produces the coffee, hence the process of going from ‘bean to cup’.

These machines can produce straight espresso and black coffees but also the milk based drinks like cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button. Hot chocolate is also an option.

Pod Machines

Pod machines will be more and more familiar to users since the rapid rise in domestic pod coffee machines.

Ground coffee is weighed and tampered to the perfect level and packed into pods. When loaded into the machine, the pod is pierced and the hot water is strained through providing a great coffee with real crema (that nice golden creamy layer on top of an espresso).

Our selection of pod coffee machines.

Our selection of pod coffee machines.

Barista Pod Machines

The Barista Pod machine is revolutionary. There is no better way to guarantee a great coffee every single time.

Making a coffee using a traditional barista machine is a skill and intensive training is required to get it right and to understand the processes required.

What can go wrong with traditional barista machines?

  • The grind can be at the wrong setting (bad start but it always happens)
  • Too much coffee can be loaded into the filter handle
  • The tampering could be to hard or too soft
  • Milk could be under heated
  • Milk could be over heated and burnt (therefore burning the coffee too)

In short, making coffee is a skilled job and not all employees can train their staff to make a great coffee every time. Especially with part-time staff.

The Barista Pod machine from Lavazza eliminates these variables and ensures that whoever is on shift, decent coffee will be provided every single time.


It”s such a simple process;

  1. Load the handle with a pod
  2. Select which size espresso you want and push the button
  3. If milk is required, pour into jug and place under the steamer arm. Press the button and leave until it switches off
  4. Once the coffee has dispensed into the cup, remove handle and tip the used pod into the bin
  5. Pour the perfect hot milk onto the coffee (the machine has a thermometer which ensures the milk is at the ideal temperature)

Coin Payment

If you need a machine to collect payment, a coin ‘validator’ can be installed at a small charge. These can be operated with tokens or cash but don’t give change.

However, our Krea machine is available with an in-built coin slot and will give change.


Our coffee is Lavazza, Italy’s favourite coffee.

We have coffee in 3 varieties;

  • Beans
  • Pods
  • Ground (for filter)

There are a few options on each, purely down to taste and preference. Alongside the regular options, we also have Rain Forest Alliance coffee and decaff.

Beans, pods, ground as well as hot chocolate and teas are all available

Beans, pods, ground as well as hot chocolate and teas are all available

Ordering Stock

This couldn’t be easier. Using our Source Coffee online Shop you can place orders for your coffee and disposables. If you order before 12 noon we will deliver your coffee next day.

We will then invoice you via email.


We strongly encourage you to trial a machine before you make your decision. We will happily install a machine for a few days in your place of work and leave with you enough coffee, milk and hot chocolate to give it a good testing.

Call us to book your trial or if you have any questions. Of course, it’s free of charge with no obligation to purchase.

01276 676006


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