Source Aqua launches

Source Aqua is live!

We are delighted to officially launch one of our new divisions, Source Aqua.

What is Source Aqua?

Source Aqua is our new rental service of hot water boilers and water coolers.


Most of our customers are in the housekeeping or facilities industries.Having installed a hot water boiler and plumbed water cooler at the new Source HQ, we saw the value that both can offer.

Coolers and Fountains

Bottle water coolers are a bit dated. Having a plumbed water cooler does away with bulky stock, bulky coolers and the hassle of ordering and storing the bottles. Plus, the water quality may not be great.


Our water coolers use your existing water supply and filter the water as it’s drawn down from the supply giving you great quality, cooled water.

Read more about how our water coolers can be a better alternative to bottled or tap water.


There are some amazing statistics using hot water for hot drinks and meals in the workplace. There are hidden costs of using kettles and urns in the workplace that our Source Aqua survey can help you unearth.

Save, save, save. The no brainer that offers you a free upgrade.

Save, save, save. The no brainer that offers you a free upgrade.

However, the real savings come in the form of reducing employee downtime when making hot beverages. 100’s of hours per year!

Plus, no more scale!

Read more about how our hot water boilers can benefit your workplace.


We lease our boilers on 12 month cycles and included in the price is installation and servicing by our qualified plumbers and engineers. They are really low maintenance and just need the filters changing a few times each year.

Also included is a call out service should your boiler decide to play up. However, they are very reliable and built by Marco with quality components.

Interested? Call us to talk it through and get some pricing.

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