Smart One Problems

Are you putting up with these Smart One design problems?

Whether you work in a school, leisure centre, care home etc or if you’re a commercial cleaner who has a few sites with this product, it’s quite likely that the images below might resonate.

design faults with the Lotus Smart One toilet roll system

Some design faults with the Lotus Smart One toilet roll system

Don’t put up with it

We work with lots of schools and the images seen here are from a school we’ve recently helped find a new solution. The collage here was a daily occurrence in this school. Everyday, at least one or two toilets are subject this abuse, resulting in huge waste and blocked (out of order) toilets.

What will the new solution solve?

  1. Less waste
  2. Less abuse
  3. Less time and labour in mending blocked toilets & sinks
  4. Less cost-in-use
  5. More control
  6. More time between restocking
  7. More time between reordering

Nothing to lose

The process of changing system is easy. Here’s why;

  • No upfront cost of dispenser (free on loan)
  • No hassle of replacing the dispensers (we will send over our handyman)
  • No scary cost of toilet rolls
  • No ugly scars on cubicle wall

Want to know more?

We have replaced over 500 toilet roll dispensers in the last 6 months. If you would like to see a case study or have a trial, please just ask.

01252 877200

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