Selden Vmix Super Concentrates


Selden Vmix – a comprehensive range of super concentrate chemicals

If you’re looking for cost saving on your chemicals, Selden’s Vmix handy-size controlled-dose concentrates might be a really good option. It’s all the cleaning power you need in one neat little package.

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What & How?

Available for a range of common cleaning applications, the 1 litre bottles dispense an accurate 25ml dose into a built-in chamber that is then decanted into the specifically designed trigger spray bottles and topped up with water.

The range includes the following chemicals, available in 1 litre and 250ml bottles;

The Benefits

A single Vmix 1 litre bottle can achieve up to 70% cost-in-use savings compared to standard 5 litre bottles yet they;

  1. Weigh less
  2. Are easier to handle and transport
  3. More environmentally friendly to produce
  4. Dramatically reduces the cost per bucket or trigger
  5. Easy to store

Vmix Stats

Things to consider

There are reasons why this isn’t the range of choice for everyone who buys chemicals from us. Because of it’s high concentration, a case of Vmix is more expensive than a case of conventional chemicals which means a lot of money is technically sitting on the shelf.

Selden have offered a solution to this in the form of their 250ml bottles below. This is also limits the financial hit incurred through pilfering.

You will also need to facility to decant and fill bottles so a sink and water point needs to be accessible to your cleaners.


What’s not in the range

Acid-based products such as descalers and toilet cleaners are not available in super concentrate form. Specialist cleaning chemicals do not form part of the range either so there will always be a need to use other chemicals than just Vmix.


Give us a shout if you’d like to know more or would be keen to set up a trial.

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