Selden Ultraforce – Degreaser extraordinaire

Best degreaser cleaner on the market?

Best degreaser cleaner on the market?

Looking for a multipurpose degreaser spray with added cutting power? Still using Cream Cleaner? Selden Ultraforce (T69) is the answer. If your kitchen cleaner, washroom cleaner or spray and wipe isn’t strong enough then you have to check this out.

Ultraforce is a clear, fragrance-free liquid that comes in a 750ml trigger spray. It is exceptional in a variety of environments including;

  • Kitchens – Removes grease, starch, sugars, protein deposits, stains, blood, vegetable oils and general food residue that is burnt on
  • Washroom – Removes body fat from tiles, shower curtains and trays, mildew from grout, general cleaning of taps and sinks
  • Living Areas – Removes nicotine stains, coffee stains, soft and alcohol drink spillages

This product is very powerful and effective but doesn’t carry a hazchem symbol. However, avoiding contact with skin and eyes is obviously extremely important.

Also, this is not a spray and wipe product – it must be rinsed off thoroughly with water.

Be careful when using this product on metals as prolonged contact time may damage the surface.

We gave one of our commercial cleaning customers a few bottles to try out on a shower area in a tired leisure centre. He had tried several degreasing products but need a super powerful one that came in a trigger spray. Needless to say, Ultraforce did the business with ease!

Pre Stormforce below, Stormforce effect above

Pre Stormforce below, Stormforce effect above

Get in touch for your free sample and in the meantime, ditch the Cream Cleaner – this is much more effective and much less work!

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