Revolutionise your mop system

The New Vileda Ultraspin Mopping System is a compact bucket and press system that combines a revolutionary spinning press with a 100% microfibre delta mop to give improved cleaning and performance in less time and at lower cost.

It really is so simple to use making it easy to implement across your sites. No Staff Training required! It also reduces strain on users back and wrists so will be welcomed by your staff.

There is improved cleaning performance as three spins of this mop is as effective as ten presses on a conventional press mop system.

This fantastic mop system also has unrivalled spill pick up – it outperforms all comparable mops in relation to absorbency. You have full control over dampness of the mop, it allows use from very dry for cleaning on delicate flooring to wet for disinfection.

Here are some benefits over other mopping systems:


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