Removing old chewing gum stains from carpets

You know those dark stains that you can’t shift from your carpets? There is a way to restore your carpets to their former glory without necessarily investing in heavy carpet cleaning chemicals and machinery.

Selden have a product called T133 D-bond that is specifically designed for old chewing gum that has dried and been trodden into the carpet (it also works for rubber tyre skids marks on carpets – a unique example I saw recently!).

Fab at getting up old gum stains

We recommend that you use D-bond with a stiff carpet brush and spray the chemical directly onto the gum and surrounding areas. (It is essential that you test the carpet for colourfastness prior to use). Wait for a few minutes for the chemical action to take place.

If the chewing gum is clearly formed;

  • Using a blunt edged scraper and/or cloth – gently peel the gum from the carpet, taking care not to damage delicate fabrics.

If the chewing gum stain is undefined;

  • Use a stiff carpet brush to agitate the chemical and stain. Brush/scrub in the direction of the weave or ridges in the carpet.

After use rinse out with water or a suitable extraction shampoo using an extraction machine.

D-bond has a sister product called Selfreez that is specifically designed for chewing gum that is fresh and still wet.


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