Removing hard water limescale from shower screens

Hard water means scale build up on shower screens is inevitable

Hard water means scale build up on shower screens is inevitable

Limescale build up on shower screens is an age old problem

It’s actually really easy to solve this issue. Bathroom cleaning products are mildly acidic but in the south east, our water is really really hard.

What is required is a stronger acid to cut through the limescale so that you can then get to the dirt with your regular bathroom cleaning product (scale locks in dirt and bacteria).

Enter toilet cleaner!

Toilet cleaner & descaler (ACT Original) is a sulphamic acid that has amazing descaling properties.

Selden Act Original Decscaler

Selden Act Original Decscaler

  1. Put it neat on a scouring cloth and apply it to the shower screen or door.
  2. Leave it on for a while and add a bit of elbow grease and it will come right off.
  3. Rinse with water
  4. Use your usual bathroom spray every week as usual but pull out a strong acidic toilet cleaner & descaler every month or so at the very least.

One more tip – use a blade to wipe down the water off the screen after use. Makes a huge difference but scale will still build at the bottom of the screen eventually.

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