Removing carpet tile glue from office floors

Removing Carpet Tiles

Removing carpet tile glue is a tough, laborious job and there’s no short cut.

However, the process can be made as short as possible if the correct steps are taken.

We’ve teamed up with one of our customers, Tim from KCS, to outline the key steps in this procedure.

The Chemical

There are several glue/tar/gum removing chemicals on the market. We recommend Selden’s Tar ‘n’ Glue Remover (F84).

Tar and Glue

This product is a blend of fast-acting solvents and emulsifiers that help remove most sealants, adhesives and wax. It’s safe to use on metals too.

What you’ll need

The Process

  1. Using the pump spray, coat the area of floor you’ve chosen to work on with the chemical
  2. With the stiff brush or rotary machine, go over the area and work the chemical into the floor
  3. Wait 30 minutes (let the chemical work it’s magic)
  4. Using the scrubber dryer with a black pad, dispense water over the area whilst scrubbing. Leave the vacuum off.
  5. Wet Vacuum the area, picking up the residues

This process may need to be repeated if there is excessive glue on the floor from the outbound carpet tiles.




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