REACH is now recognised as being the single most difficult European regulation to understand and comply with. Not ideal!

What does it mean for you and what does it stand for?

REACH is all about what we use a product for, how we use it and for how long we use it. There are two perspectives;

  1. Human exposure/impact
  2. Environmental exposure/impact

CLP is the globally harmonised labelling regulation intended to make sure products are consistently labeled regardless of location.

CLP and REACH are joined and are best viewed as a single subject, REACH and COSHH also sit side by side.

Under COSHH, it is the responsibility of the employer of the person using a product to fully assess risk. Under REACH, it is the supplier of the product who must provide the risk and prevention information for each task performed by the end user.




restriction of CHemicals


As an employer whose staff use these chemicals, there is a fresh requirement for you to look at risk assessments for your sites. To find out the extent of your obligations, read the FAQs in the document provided by our chemical manufacturer, Selden. Click here.


As a distributor of chemicals, we have two years to rotate our stock to ensure the new CLP symbols are on all our chemical products. We anticipate this will be fully transferred by the end of the summer.

Clean FM

Selden and Source have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive software platform in which all your chemical documentation, for multiple sites, is contained and easily accessible by you.

Please contact us if you would like access to this platform.

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