Rage against the C-Fold!

Goodbye, my trusty hand drying friend. Your intentions were good

So it’s time we got a bit geeky again. This time we’re going into battle with an absolute stalwart of the washroom industry; The C-Fold Hand Towel.

Before you click the x tab in disgust at this potentially snooze inducing blog, please think twice if you have once bought or currently buy a C Fold hand towel to furnish your (or your client’s) washrooms.

My short (ish) time in the trade actually benefited me on this occasion as when I was learning about hand towels, the C-Fold didn’t make any sense to me – a then ‘outsider’ of the cleaning trade or a ‘normal’ person as they might be known. So, this blog is 3 and a half years late, really. Apologies for the delay.

The Problem

It’s just not very efficient. This means; its wasteful, is functionally poor and has woeful ‘cost in use’ (EG. To buy a case might be cheaper than other options but due to it’s poor design, they are used at a higher rate hence, ‘cost in use’).

Give me some examples, Ollie

  • Self Presenting – This is a term I have to introduce you to. This means that the (singular) hand towel is literally hanging out of the dispenser saying ‘take me!’, making it impossible to grab a bunch at a time. See video below for example of ‘self presenting’ towel.
  • Thumbing  – C-Folds look neat. BUT, they are hidden away in the dispenser so that users just get right in there with their thumb and grab what they can. Waste. Plus, there is an element of hygiene standards here if people’s hands are touching anything other than the hand towel that they want to use. I could wax lyrical about the reduced sick days as a result of less cross-contamination but where you’ll really notice the difference is in the reduced amount of dry, barely used hand towels in the bin and the more cash in your sky rocket.
  • Surface Area – The C-Fold is actually a large towel, to be fair. But, only if you take the time to unfold it properly and use the entire surface area. We live in the real world though, so why pretend that this actually happens?
  • Loading  – this is tenuous at best I admit. It could happen but probably only rarely ever does; whoever is restocking the machine might load them with the fold facing the wrong way up (instead of facing down) meaning users can’t get them out by pinching the opening fold so they’ll definitely just revert to the old ‘Thumbing’ tekkers. It could happen but i’m not going to base my alternative hand towel pitch around this point.
  • Labour Costs and Washroom Tidyness – how frequently does your washroom bin need emptying? How much does that cost to do? You’re looking at less time, money and mess with a self presenting hand towel.

So what are my options?

Enter the Z-Fold and the I-Fold! (Z-fold has two folds so it’s profile looks like a ‘Z’).

(I-fold has one fold so that represents the ‘I’. Otherwise known as a ‘V’ fold if looking at the profile.)

Both these towels are classified as ‘self presenting’ which is the key feature that makes them more sensible alternatives to our old skool friend, the C-fold.

Case quantity – These both come with 3000 towels per case and in the same size box as your existing 2400 case of C-folds.

Cost – Pro rata, they are the same price

Fit – Zero hassle; they will fit perfectly in the dispenser you’re using for your C-fold*

Pattern & Quality – This is personal preference. The alternative to the C-fold do have a different pattern but the quality is the same. This could be a deal breaker for you or your customers so obtaining  sample from us before switching is the best bet.


I Fold pattern

I Fold pattern


C Fold pattern

C Fold pattern


Z Fold pattern

Z Fold pattern

*If choosing an I-Fold (or V-fold) you might need an insert in the dispenser to enable perfect fit and dispensing.

Insert with sticky back plastic sits inside your dispenser ensuring perfect dispensing

Insert with sticky back plastic sits inside your dispenser ensuring perfect dispensing

Up for it?

If you’re up for making the switch then give us a shout and we can send you a sleeve or two to try out or just bite the bullet and order the alternatives next time.

We can offer Esfina or Katrin options. It’s your preference.

Here’s a blog on how we helped a local independent school solve this very problem

*All these products will soon be linked straight through to our new super catalogue website so you can get even more information on these products and if you choose to, you can place your order online

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