Prepare for winter! Pre-order rock salt today

De-icing rock salt will keep your premises safer this winter

Don’t let your premises be the next Duke Street YouTube viral! Ouch!

So you want to avoid being sued but will you be one of the many people frantically trying to source rock salt at a good price with quick delivery this winter?

Limited Offer

We’re trying to keep you out of that group of people by offering a pre-order of white de-icing rock salt at a fixed price of £6.95 per 25kg bag with free storage and free delivery whenever you need it.

Salt prices swing massively across the seasons so whilst it’s still trading at a low price now, we’re stock piling on your behalf before the temperatures drop and the prices hike up.

The prices will be creeping up soon so we’ll not be able to hold this price for long.

Offer ends October 31st 2013.

Reserve your salt today and we’ll take care of the storage and delivery until you need it.

We’ll require 50% payment upon reserving your salt and the remaining 50% will be invoiced when you require the delivery.

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