Paper towels may be more hygienic

NHS Hand towels

Study by Queensland University of Technology wades into the age old debate

Paper consumable manufacturers will be high fiving their colleagues this week after an Australian University and other organisations in Australia and China published their reports on the spread/elimination of bacteria after washing your hands.

The study is from 2012 so it’s hitting the airwaves a little late but then again, what’s changed in a year in the world of hand drying? (don’t mention the Dyson Airblade Tap!).


The report found that the main advantages of hand towels were;

  1. Dry hands more quickly
  2. Removes more bacteria
  3. Less chance of cross-contamination

The Results (via the NHS)

For the full article by the NHS, check out the link below. There are some really interesting facts and perspective on a debate that has raged for years without any new fodder.

NHS article


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